About USTI

Universal Semiconductor Technologies, Inc. (USTI) is a volume producer of high technology products for commercial and military electronics applications up to 40 GHz. The company has an impressive investment in experienced professionals and in the most advanced design and manufacturing equipment. The company foundry has been manufacturing products since 1985 and is named for high-speed Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology in which it specializes.

USTI is also a volume manufacturer of radio transceiver subsystems and transceiver components for commercial wireless communications applications. Contact the factory or one of our representatives for more information on these products.

Product Capabilities

USTI’s initial products were broadband microwave amplifiers. These products, along with GaAs Field Effect Transistors (FET), remain the cornerstone of USTI’s technology.

The company now manufacturers many standard products operating from 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz. A few examples of available products are shown below:

  • 2-18 GHz, 18-40 GHz Amplifiers
  • 6-18 GHz, 3.5 dB Noise Figure
  • 6-18 GHz, 1 Watt Power Output
  • 2-8 GHz, 1 Watt Power Output
  • RF Log Amplifiers
  • Limiting Amplifiers
  • Loop Amplifiers

USTI’s designers have developed a family of standard amplifiers modules that are not only used in the standard products, but can be effectively combined and aligned to achieve special customer specifications quickly and reliably. This has provided the resource for the company to become one of the industries’ largest suppliers of specialized amplifier products.

USTI is committed to supplying the military systems manufacturer with integrated microwave assemblies, which will help solve their systems’ technical and packaging problems. The company has developed in-house capabilities in the area of mixers, switches, filters, and other functions to support the military integrated assembly market.

    Military Integrated Assemblies
  • Frequency Converters
  • Switched Amplifiers
  • TTL-Controlled Functions
  • Amplifier Filter Assemblies
  • High-Density Packaging

A dedicated staff of experienced engineers is available to design equipment to customer’s specific requirements. The company’s philosophy of using standard modules and design techniques is used to design and manufacture these specialized assemblies.

USTI is also a major supplier of core transmit and receive functions for wireless communications applications for satellite and terrestrial-based networks including mobile and fixed-site voice and data communications. Many of these products find applications in areas including:

  • L-Band Satellite Subscriber Terminals
  • C- and Ku-Band VSAT
  • Digital radios from 7.0 GHz to 38 GHz
  • Wireless Local Loop (WLL)
  • Cellular/PCS Base Stations and Subscriber Units

In-house GaAs FET and monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) capability is the basis for USTI to provide high-performance products at competitive prices in the commercial market. Also, a combination of thin-film products and softboard techniques are used to reduce manufacturing costs and maintain high reliability for the commercial products. Contact the factory or one of our representatives for more information on these products.

USTI manufacturers GaAs FET and MMIC used in its products in the in-house production foundry.

    GaAs FETs and MMICs
  • GaAs FETs Operational to 40 GHz
  • GaAs MMIC Amplifiers, 2-18 GHz
  • GaAs MMIC Switches to 26 GHz

The available products in this area include FET chips, packaged devices and high-rel qualified devices.

USTI Delivering Complete Semiconductor Solutions for a Fabless World

GaAs Technology Leadership

USTI has been producing state-of-the-art GaAs semiconductor components since 1984. These devices have made possible unique system solutions for a broad spectrum of wireless system applications from 400 MHz up to 40 GHz. This long history of experience and leadership allows the Company to best leverage the most from a technology well suited for high-frequency, low voltage and efficient linear applications required by today’s wireless communications terminal and infrastructure designers.

Optimizing Technology

USTI’s GaAs products are produced using implanted MESFET as well as epitaxial and pHEMT structures. By having a variety of options, the Company selects the best fit for a given product function based on achieving maximum, cost-effective performance. In addition, USTI continues to explore new and emerging GaAs-based technologies as they become available.

Focused Products

Maximizing performance in the most cost-effective way possible is the focus of USTI’s semiconductor product designs. High-volume GaAs technology is used to produce some of the world’s finest power products for both subscriber and infrastructure applications. Dedicated to solving the needs of end applications, USTI products have been designed and optimized for the specific modulation standards in which they will perform. This means linear, efficient, small, cost-effective and powerful solutions can be yours.

Space Efficient

USTI products are designed to provide maximum performance while occupying very little circuit board real estate and, where possible, are surface mountable. In many instances USTI product solutions can reduce by as much as one-third the space requirements of alternative technologies.

Worldwide Applications

USTI products are ideally suited for a number of transmit frequency applications including cellular 800 MHz – 1.0 GHz), satellite (1.6 – 1.7 GHz), PCS (1.8 – 2.0 GHz), and WLAN/Wireless local loop (2.2 – 2.7 GHz). Modulation formats as varied as GSM, TDMA, CDMA, DCS, PHS and other are all supported. Power GaAs RF ICs and discrete power FETs form the backbone of USTI’s diverse product offerings.

If you have unique system requirements contact USTI first. In most cases we can provide performance data and information as to how a specific product will function. Select receive products, offerings high levels of integration and dynamic range, can form complete chip set solutions.

Applications Support

Unlike other GaAs component suppliers, USTI is also a manufacturer of radio transceiver subsystems, transceiver components and radios. As a result, the company understands the unique system trade-offs associated with many wireless system requirements. This experience provided the necessary link between strong products and a realization of the overall solution to the designer’s system needs.

In most cases, application support is the key ingredient to over-all success. USTI is committed to superior application support services. Our engineering team can provide proven schematics and layouts, and critique any end application to best ensure prototype success. In this way, the performances of USTI products are realized early-on in the designer’s system.

Volume Production Capability

Nearly 60,000 square-feet house USTI’s operations in Santa Clara, California – in the heart of Silicon valley’s high-technology development and production region. The facility houses a 11,000 square-foot GaAs foundry, 39,000 square-foot manufacturing area and 25,000 square-feet of engineering labs and management offices.

Assembly Resources

USTI products are assembled in-house and at local subcontractors, as well as offshore. Along with the security of multiple sources, this provides the Company with a unique ability for rapid reaction to meet the needs of existing product production and quick time-to-market of new products.

Volume Testing

As a leading supplier of high-frequency GaAs components USTI has developed unique strengths in high-volume and accurate RF testing. In many cases the testing environment is the same as the application circuit in which the product will perform. This means guaranteed RF performance within the most meaningful environment possible. For complex modulation requirements, products are tested for performance under the actual modulation specifications – giving further confidence that USTI products will offer the best performance obtainable in your system design.

Proven Reliability

USTI GaAs-based products are proven and robust. All products undergo rigorous qualification and testing procedures based on long established, tough, military standards. In most cases, these standards have qualified USTI’s products for use in some of the most demanding military and space applications imaginable.

Complete Solutions are Yours

Many new and exciting products are in development on a continuing basis. And, as one of the first GaAs RF IC suppliers to offer 3V solutions for subscriber terminal, we continue to strive to maintain our technology leadership. Contact USTI today with your requirements and let us know just what you’re looking for. Chances are, we may already be working on it.